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I don't dilly-dally around with nickel and dime prices. Furthermore, return shipping (inside the continental USA) is on me. Free shipping; what a concept!!! The following prices are for the first print; all multiple prints of the same image at the same size are half the first print price. For each different image and size there will be a first print price, but all other multiples will be at 50%.

Prices & Sizes: 1st Print Multiples By the Dozen
8" by 10" $15 $7.50 $5
11" by 14" $25 $12.50 $10
16" by 20" $35 $17.50 $15
20" by 24" $45 $22.50 $20
24" by 30" $70 $35 $30
30" by 40" $110 $60 $50

Larger sizes and quantities by quote.
I have a 42" processor and one of my enlargers goes about 12 feet above a 40" by 60" vacuum easel. Does that give you any ideas? (I charge $15 for a 4" by 5" internegative.)

A few words about shipping:
I have been forced to learn how to ship large photographs all over the world and have them arrive in good condition. Remember, it costs the same to send a flimsy package as it does to ship a "bullet-proof" one. You have good reason to be concerned about sending film through the mail. I recommend an over-sized package with a good thick cardboard "sandwich" inside another slightly smaller envelope and either UPS or FedEx. Sending film to me should only cost you about $10; remember - I pay for the return trip.

If you have any questions please send me an e-mail
or, write to me at:
The Barrens
RL Dietz
224 East Providence
Spokane, WA 99207

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