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I, "RL", have been making custom prints for a small group of local Pros for about 12 years. I recently moved my lab into town, installed a new 42" processor and have an enlarger that goes 12 feet above a 40by60" vacuum easel. I like to make BIG prints, not that I can't make little ones too. So now I am looking for a few new clients.

I am not open to the general public, I don't have a store front to run, or employees to pay, or a high overhead to force high prices, or even a dog. I choose to print for other astro photographers for several reasons, not the least of which is the sheer joy of seeing the wonders of the universe.

For many years, I have seen the poor quality that "normal" custom labs produce when trying to print astro images. It's not really their fault, the machines are color blind and 'want' to turn everything to 'neutral gray' or black if you ask them to print a 'little darker'. On the other hand, I know the night sky is really a dark blue and has stars of almost all colors and I know how to get the most detail and contrast out of any negative or slide.

For slides, I make a 4" by 5" inter-negative that increases both contrast and detail. I started my photographic career by learning to print from slides and internegs back in '72, so there are very few printers with my experience with transparencies.

Shipping your film can be a scary thing if your not careful. I suggest that the price of FedEx or UPS are worth the price for getting your film/negs/slides to me and I include return shipping in the price of printing (USA only). The real trick is to use enough cardboard or mat board to protect the package from the worst handling you want to imagine and of course NO staples, clasps or paper clips - EVER. A good package will survive even the US Mail.

To place an order, just print out the handy "Print Order" form and be sure to check all options and write any special considerations or instructions. Complete the form with a total cost from the "Prices and Services" page (print this too) and send it to me with a check. I usually print and ship within 3 "working" days with a day or two extra for slides, large orders may take a little longer. If you have any questions please email me and I'll be glad to explain it all.

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