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I print astro photos. You know, photographs of astronomical subjects.

My name is RL Dietz. RL... staR-L, get it? I've been an amateur astronomer for over 15 years, a photographer and printer for over twenty. Heck, I even won an Astronomical Photo of the Year award.

I know how to make great looking astro prints from negatives that are overexposed or underexposed. Negatives that get less than optimum exposures are a pretty common result in the astro photographer's life; I know, I've made plenty of them myself.

While it's true that the best prints are made from negatives that have been exposed correctly, you'll be amazed at what I can do with negatives that are less than perfect.

Slide film makes great astro photographs, but prints from slides are often just not that great. I make custom innernegs of your slides that are far superior to anything an automated process can produce. I can even make two exposures and sandwich the negatives together, capturing the full dynamic range of your slides.

Do you want to show your friends and astro buddies great prints of your late night efforts... send those negs to me!