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Mono Lake - Close up. can be found in the living quarters of Dr. Steven Franklin.

Mono Lake - Close up

The Barrens - Aberdeen Glass

One of the Barrens Collection, Aberdeen Glass was taken in 1972 on Lake Aberdeen, Northwest Territories. As one of my first color photos, this image has become my company image and has remained very popular over the years. I was particularly pleased to see it appear in the second season.

View from the Shuttle is an unique photo. Taken in the Barrens in 1973 with a 12-mm fish-eye lens, when displayed upside down, it appears to be a planet's horizon viewed from space, when displayed right side up, it is titled, EarthDome.


Sun and Moon.

Sun and Moon is an "in camera" composition that was one of my first attempts with a 4" by 5" camera, circa 1982. The images were taken in completely different places and on different days. If it isn't obvious, the sun and the moon cannot appear in the same sky on planet Earth... unless there is an eclipse event, of course.

Shasta Moon is a double exposure that was created in the darkroom. The two images were taken nearly two weeks apart on separate pieces of 4" x 5" film. The first was the Lunar eclipse taken near Bend, Oregon, Mount Shasta in California was the second.

The image is deceiving, the moon appears as full and easily visible, this is partly a photographic trick and partly due to the phenomenon of the lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon. The Moon is illuminated by the light from the Sun which is bent, scattered and shifted toward the red end of the color spectrum by the Earth's atmosphere. If the Earth didn't have an atmosphere, the Moon would be in a totally black shadow.

Mount Shasta and Moon

The Grand Tetons - Triptych - Left Panel The Grand Tetons - Tiptych - Center Panel The Grand Tetons - Triptych - Right Panel

The Grand Tetons from Jenny Lake is a triptych that I created on an early May morning in 1987. I'm standing in the lake to get the shot... brrrrr. The photos are best displayed in three separate frames and work very well in corners. The triptych appeared in Lt. Keffer's quarters.

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