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Whenever I receive a print order, I never print just one. Since every image of the B5 Collection is one of my personal favorites, I feel the need to print several after I have taken the time to test-up for a great first print. By 'several' I really mean 'a few.' It takes me about an hour to work up to the first good print and only a few minutes more to make each additional print. If it is a large print, I only make few: maybe 3 to 5. Smaller pieces of paper cost me less to make so I make a few more 'extras', maybe 10 or 12. These 'extra' prints are for friends and family gifts, door prizes (astronomical images only) for the Spokane Astronomical Society general meetings every month and for sale at a substantial discount to you. Half price for multiples does not apply with these specials - sorry.

Current specials ("Already Printed" images I have to offer at reduced prices are):

9 Jupiter Rising 16" by 20" $75
3 Stonehenge 10" by 14" $45
3 Pillar 'o Sun 15" by 50" $125
3 Pillar 'o Sun 8" by 36" $50
2 Mono Lake Close-up 16" by 20" $75
1 Mono Lake Close-up 20" by 24" $125

Any questions - send me an email - and thanks for your support!

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