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Aurora Borealis

Appearing frequently in the first season, this Aurora Borealis is one of a series I shot on my way to photograph the total eclipse of the sun on July 11, 1991. I was driving from Spokane to Salt Lake City to catch a charter jet to La Paz, Mexico. About 2:00 AM on the 9th, I had pulled over to get a little shut-eye when I noticed a pulsating, eerie glow that could only be the aurora. I knew it was time to go to work and unpacked my camera gear.

The first season sported two more of my photographs, both from my Arctic Barrens collection. This one I call Pillar O' Sun. Appearing in Ivanova's quarters in the first season, it was again shown in the second season in Captain Sheridan's quarters.

The Barrens - Pillar O' Sun.

Jupiter Sunset

The other Arctic image is titled Jupiter Sunset.

A word about the Arctic Barrens Collection: In the summer of 1972 and 1973, I went to the Canadian Arctic wilderness to canoe and photograph two river systems. I got my first camera and darkroom in 1971, just one year before the first expedition. The darkroom was fortuitous because I was able to learn black & white photography and printing from the bottom up. The Arctic expeditions were my first attempt at color slides and remain as some of my most popular images. In 1973, I began the long process of learning how to print color and I continue to print all my own work today.

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