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Stonehenge replica can be found east of Mary Hill, Washington.

This print is featured in the epic 100th episode. It appears in Sheridan's quarters as a 20" by 30".

Stonehenge by Mary Hill.

Captain Lochley apparently really likes the work of one RL Dietz -
either that, or he's from her home planet.
There are nine photographs in the Babylon 5 collection that appear
in her quarters in Season five:
Lochley Beach.

This shot of Lochley Beach appears in Captain Lochley's quarters, over her bed .

Oregon Lighthouse appears on the third episode of season five.

Oregon Lighthouse.

Hyakutake Comet.

Hyakutake Comet came through our solar system in 1996; in March and April, it was visible with the unaided eye for weeks.

In season five, this Hyakutake print, 20" by 24", appears in Captain Lochley's quarters.

Jupiter Rising with Lightning and Meteor was almost seen in Lochley's quarters. The problem is, most of the time when you're in her quarters, she's in her underwear, so you aren't looking at the walls! (or, the lights are down low, and you don't see it either). Anyway, the image that hangs on her wall, whether you see it or not, is 20" by 24".

Jupiter Rising

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