Stonehenge The Barrens - Aberdeen Glass

On the Washington side of the Columbia River there is an exact replica of the Stonehenge in England, except it is as it would have appeared thousands of years ago. It is one of my favorite places to stop for a break on my many trips to California and other places south (like Babylon 5 or Kitt Peak). This is an early morning shot with sunrise in the keyhole and a sliver crescent moon above.

During W.W.I, a Washington man named Sam Hill visited the one in England and became very enamored with Mary Queen of Scots. When he returned from the war, he built the Washington Stonehenge replica and just 4 miles down river he built the Mary Hill Museum as a tribute to the Great Queen. The museum has the world's third largest collection of original Rodan and an entire floor devoted to Mary. The Stonehenge is to size and aimed in the right direction. They are located where Highway 97 crosses the Columbia, out in the middle of nowhere. I have been to the 'henge on the Summer Solstice and the sunrise casts a shadow that knocked me down!!!

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