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Web Images versus Photographic Prints: Viva la difference!

The images on this site are not to be compared to the "real thing". Because of the nature of electronic media, detail, color and contrast and compression, JPEGs are not quite true to the images they represent. I have tried to give an accurate reflection of the real thing, but it is important to understand that you can expect much more beauty in the detail, color and saturation of any prints ordered.

Thanks for reading this text - staR-L.

Prices and Policies

Bigger is Better:

It's not that I don't like 8" by 10" prints, it's just that I love 30" by 40" prints. I have to put almost as much time and effort into making an 8" by 10" as I do in making a 30" by 40". You may notice that larger prints are a lot less expensive than smaller prints - by the square foot. There is one "small" problem with this concept: not all images can be enlarged to the larger sizes. The "Free Mars" photo, for example, is already enlarged to about 16" by 20" to make the planet the size of a quarter! To go any farther would make it all soft and fuzzy (but not warm). Can't have that! I use several formats of film and bigger negatives will make better bigger prints. So please, go ahead and order the largest print I offer per image and rest assured that the quality will not be compromised

Custom is Less:

I make a living custom printing for professional photographers. I know what they get for their work and I can tell you that it's a lot more than I ask for mine. Custom printing is an art and takes many years to master. I got my first darkroom in 1970 and have not been out of the dark since then. I believe that I offer an outstanding product at a very reasonable price.

Cheaper by the Dozen:

The 'Price List' on my web site is for the B-5 fan who only wants one print. It's a starting point. If you want a second print of the same image, the same size, it is at 1/2 off the 'first print' price. In fact, if you want a dozen more of the same image they are all at half the 'first print' price. There will be a 'first print' price for every different image and size change, all 'multiples' are always at 50%. The reason for this is that it might take me an hour or so to 'work up' the first 'keeper' print but only a few seconds to print another and another and so on. So get together with your B-5 buds and order a bakers dozen. Commercial inquiries are welcome!

Size Availability:

Not all images can be printed in all sizes (see 'Bigger is Better')

Free Mars!

Free Mars! With all orders, I will include a "Free Mars" wallet size actual photo of the red planet! Actually, it will be a 4" by 5" print (a ten dollar value if ordered separately) suitable for framing but you can cut it down to fit your wallet if you want. I carry mine in my wallet.


I may be crazy but - shipping and packaging are minimal for cardboard protected small, flat packages and not much more for larger round tubes, so I am including this charge in the price of the prints! FREE SHIPPING in the 48 states - what a concept! (other locations by quote).

Turn Around

I begin the process when I receive your 'print order'. I find the negative, buy 'fresh' paper and make your print(s). I require payment before I ship the order, unless it is an unusually large order. On larger orders I can offer terms of 50% down and balance on delivery (C.O.D.). Generally this is completed in about two weeks.

Special care of your Photographic Art

Large photographic prints are very delicate and 'bruise' easily. This includes: finger prints, kinks, gouges, scratches and any kind of wetness. When you receive your order please be careful. If you must look at them before you visit a frame shop, use a flat surface (like a table) to view the print(s). Do not pick them up except by the corners and remember that gravity wants them to fall to the ground. Use the table to evenly support the prints as you slide them out and into their packages.

When putting large prints into tubes, make sure you role up the print a little tighter than it needs to be to get into the tube. To remove rolled prints from tubes, carefully, find the inner leading corner of the print and wind the print a little tighter then pull all layers out at the same time.

There are several framing options you can consider, but unless you intend to staple-gun them to your walls, you must consider the following options. Frame it yourself with a cheep frame from K-Mart or go to a good frame shop and discuss with them, mounting, matting, frame stock and glass or front surface protection. The bare minimum is mounting and a front surface laminated film but is better for the photo to have a "dead air" space created by glass and a matte. Do not be surprised to pay more for the frame than you did for the print. With proper protection, your print will last many decades (will probably end up with your children) and bring joy to your life every time you look at it.

Remember, photographs are our friends - do not fold, staple, spindle or otherwise mutilate them!

Place your order now!

Print out the order form for Babylon 5 prints and the Barrens Fine Photographics (including Great Comets I Have Known). Each of the order tables contain size information and their own pricing table (links at the top and bottom of each table). If you are interested in a single image from a triptych, the pricing information is the same as the prints in Table A.

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